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All of our projects, whether designed to attract and engage clients, or to efficiently run every day business processes, are innovative, add value and are of superior quality.



Inbilt Projects understand business and are here to deliver highly functional and aesthetically pleasing workplaces for your people, and remarkable showrooms and client-facing spaces for your customers. In the commercial sector, we prioritise innovative and sustainable design and construction to add value to your business while setting you apart from your competitors.

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Commercial Projects
Retail Projects


Inbilt Projects understand that the retail customer journey has changed. Retail is more than just selling a product, it is about offering an excellent customer experience that keeps them coming back and spreading the word to their networks. At the heart of what we do in the retail sector, is creating spaces that are innovative, align to company branding strategies and are aesthetically pleasing to attract new business. We strive to add value to your customer experience, and therefore, help grow your customer base.

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Makeup Store
Modern Workspace
Industrial Building


Inbilt Projects understand the complex requirements of the industrial sector and are experienced in improving business efficiency and functionality through work spaces. Whether you're looking for warehouse storage or factory upgrades, the team at Inbilt Projects will deliver high quality results, that meet project deadlines and budgets. 

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Industrial Projects
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